A look at 3CE’s Mood Recipe Collection


Ever since seeing the promos for this collection I’ve been counting down the days until it’s release.

It’s hard to find brown based lipsticks in Korea. After seeing Gurus, MUAs, and models sporting the look I’ve been craving the colors for myself. Thank you again 3CE for being so on trend. This collection features 5 matte lipsticks ($19), matching nail polishes ($5), 3 pressed triple eye shadows ($22), and 2 gel liner pencils ($16).

The overall tones of the collection are dusty roses and warm browns. In real life, the colors are a lot warmer than the promo images. On my arm  (neutral NC/NW 10), many of the colors actually read closer to orange than neutral or cool. However, if you have a warmer skin tone I believe the colors with look similar to the promo images. The packaging is a coordinating color to the product and has a ‘suede’ plastic packaging, similar to NARS.

First, here’s what I bought:


Mood Recipe #115 Muss lip swatch


Mood Recipe #116 Inked Heart lip swatch


Mood Recipe Nail polishes in BR05 and PK23

If you haven’t tried matte lipsticks from 3CE yet I’d highly recommend them! I’m not much of a matte woman with my chronically dry lips, yet somehow this formula isn’t drying. You are still going to have that textured look that matte lipstick give, but I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as most and it’s very long lasting. The lip colors come in:

#114 Rows – Light peachy brown

#115 Muss – Dusty rose

#116 Inked Heart – 90s brown nude

#909 Smoked Rose – Muted brick red

#117 Chicful – Subdued burgundy

Moving on to the eyeshadows~ Rather than release individual pressed shadows they went with triple eye shadows. When I swatched them in store, each shadow had a soft velvety texture. They all applied fairly pigmented in one swipe (as shown below). Personally, I don’t need anymore neutral shadows but if you are interested in these already they’d be a good purchase. The triple shadows come in:

#Dainty Tasty – matte beige, matte dusty orange, matte warm light brown

#Gotta Do – matte beige, shimmery khaki gold, matte cool brown

#Swoon – sparkly champagne, sparkly beige, sparkly golden brown

Last in the makeup line are two gel liner pencils. Each pencil is a has the gel color on one end and a sponge / sharpener combo on the other. I might actually have to go back and get one of these because they were quite impressive. The sponge allowed for easy blending and once set they did not budge, even when I tried under water. Eventually with a bit of effort with the in-store makeup remover I was able to completely remove them. The gel crayon eyeliner comes in:

#Bonnie – medium yellowy cool brown

#Hug – medium red warm brown

And finally the nail polish. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for matching lips and nail polishes (Thanks Revlon!). This one of the things I was pretty excited for from the collection, because at $5 each bottle this little add on doesn’t make me sad for my wallet. The 3CE formula for their nail polishes are pretty average. They are easy to apply and dry pretty quickly,there is just nothing special but also nothing wrong. Both of the colors I purchased applied fully opaque in two coats. The nail polishes come in:

#BR07 – Light peachy brown

#PK23 – Dusty rose

#BR05 – 90s brown nude *

#RD07 – Muted brick red

#BR06 – Subdued burgundy *

* These colors were 1-2 shades darker than their matching lip color

Here’s a video tutorial on the promo look:

Full collection swatches (taken in store with an iphone):

Overall I was not let down by this collection. While it ran a bit warmer than promo images, they were still beautiful colors that didn’t disappoint in the quality I expect from 3CE. If you have any questions on colors or textures, feel free to ask in the comments below.

You can purchase these items on Style Nanda’s Official Site

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Comments (7)

  • Alison 1 year ago Reply

    These colours look amazing on you – I also really love matchy nails in a look so you’ve sold me!

  • Cik 1 year ago Reply

    Is it transfer proof?

    Elle Byrd 1 year ago Reply

    When completely dry I didn’t have any issues with the lipsticks transferring but if your lips get wet from drinking liquids there is some transfer on the cup~

  • Allison 1 year ago Reply

    Hey Elle ! I have a warm, yellow undertone and my skin is light (Typical Asian), which black-brown hair, which colour do you recommend? I can’t choose either Inked Heart, Rows or Smoked Rose !

    Elle Byrd 1 year ago Reply

    I think you are pretty spot on in color choices 🙂 Rows and Inked heart have a similar feel so I would say Rows will work best if your lips aren’t too pigmented, otherwise choose Inked heart! Smoked Rose would give you a gorgeous vampy look, but it’s a less unique color only get it if you don’t have anything similar~

  • Mizu 1 year ago Reply

    this is sooo beautiful!! All of the colors looks great on you!!I can’t choose!

  • Yemmi 1 year ago Reply

    I am sooo in love with this collection! Annoyingly I left Korea before it came out and I’m having a hard time finding somewhere to buy them from (that isn’t the main site bc they’re shipping is v.expensive).
    The pigment looks amazing and the colours really suit you! 🙂
    Thanks for the review!

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