Review: Pony Effect Color Correcting master palette

Remember when every YouTuber proclaimed that color correcting was the new thing that you absolutely needed to do? It was pretty convenient that most companies were already planning on coming out with a color correcting palette in the months following their claims. ?

The good news? If you were curious or already into color correcting, you now had so. many. options. Previously, if you wanted a mixed palette you either had the option of a dried up creme palette in-stores or you had to venture online and risk that those colors might not work for you. Now, there are some better options for both pale and darker skin tones and a variety of finishes.

Outfit | May 12th Butter

Weather: 13°C/56°F Cloudy

Relaxed clothes for chill weather. The lighting for my new set up is not very consistent, so my outfit photos are becoming pretty inconsistent. I’ll blame the weather more so, you’d think the rain would let up by now!

Outfit | April 20th Colors

WEATHER: 16°C/60°F Bright and clear

The weather is warming up enough that soon I’ll be able to skip sweaters with jeans for a better fit silhouette than ‘squeezed at the waist’. I didn’t have too much going on this day so I tried to come up with a comfortable but energy lifting outfit. My method was to go with a desaturated colorful palette. I love the combination of these gold socks with my light pink tennis shoes.