Stuck in the growing / cutting bangs cycle?

Everyone who has ever had bangs and liked them has gotten stuck in the ‘I’m growing out my bangs/I got bangs again’ cycle.

Getting sucked into that cycle last year, here is how I’m kicking the habit… with clip in bangs. My solution is a bit silly but it prevents me from the impulsive moments where all it think is ‘I need bangs now’, ‘everything would look better if I had bangs’, ‘my life would improve if I cut my hair right now’. If this sounds like you too, a small $20 purchase might be your savior.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 15

This all started because when I was mindlessly wine window shopping on 1300k.com and clicked on the wig category to laugh at baby wigs (yep it’s a thing) and I discovered Pinkage. The thing about online Korean shopping is instead of just showing one or two pictures of the product, you get an entire lookbook of 20+ photos of a happy woman enjoying her lovely lifestyle. Sometimes it’s just funny, but a lot of the time it just makes you lust after what she has and that’s exactly what happened with their wigs. I’ve been wanting to get some fake hair for awhile now, but my platinum hair didn’t make it easy to find a color match in Korea. When I finally went back to my natural color and was craving to cut my hair I knew it was time.

If you are looking for a natural looking piece you can opt for 100% human hair and cut/dye for a perfect match; for such a small piece the price should be reasonable. However if you want to save some cash, modern technology makes some very realistic fake hair. I’d recommend a piece that has longer hair on the sides (easier blending with your real hair) but the thickness depends on what you prefer.

I went for the fake option because aside from lusting after it for months I wanted to be able to see the product before I bought it. Even then I was surprised by how realistic fake hair can look: wigs have fake scalp showing, grown out roots, and natural high/low lights. I went on a day where I didn’t intend on stopping by so my hair was in a headscarf, but sticking the bangs in they looked great! I purchased my little sushi bangs, and was excited to style them when I got home. When I tried them on again… they looked terrible. Okay, so straight out of the box they need some help. A little trimming and teasing give them life. Once you’ve fixed them up, styling is a breeze. Here’s a quick picture guide on how to style your clip-ins:

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 2 sushi bang

Let’s Get started!

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 3 start

You’ll only need 3 things: Your clip-in fringe, a comb, and some bobby pins.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 5 side section

Start by sectioning you old bangs, and parting the rest of your hair down the center.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 6 side pin

If the section is large (previous blunt bangs) , you are better off pinning it to the side and keeping pinned. For smaller sections (previously wispier bangs), part this section done the center and pin to each side.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 7 clip

Add the fake hair before your center parted hair, the pinned hair should create a good anchor for the clip.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 8 blend

Comb the sides of the piece with your own hair. With my piece, it blends in pretty quickly, but some clips ins might take some extra teasing or coverage. This is also a good point to cut for the length you desire.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 9 cover top

Everything is blended on the sides but the top is not exactly seamless, let’s fix that.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 10 overlap

You can chose to do a side part, tease some hair to cover, or be lazy like me and just grab a small section to cover.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 11 pin 1

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 12 pin

Using a bobby pin that matches my hair, pin the section down just in the front and hide the pin under your hair.

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 13 top

Almost invisible!

Growing out your bangs with fake bangs 14 style

You are finished! In addition to satisfying haircut cravings, you also hardly have to style these. No more blow drying, straightening, de-greasing or calming cowlicks!


 If you want Pinkage brand you can get them internationally through GMarket.

Note: This isn’t sponsored or affiliate linked, I just like it!

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    Your hair is so beautiful! I think it really makes your photos stand out. Also thanks for this post, now I see how your hairstyle changes so quickly 🙂

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