Review: Pony Effect Odd Eyes Collection

Shout out to Memebox and Korean postal companies! I received my order in less than 24 hours so I thought I’d do the same for this review.

I already dipped my toes in Pony Effect through their collaboration with Memebox, but now I’m reviewing the real deal with Pony’s Holiday 2016 Odd Eye collection. The campaign is an unusual one for the holidays: Eerie music plays with an artistically made up woman holding her matching heterochromia bff cat. As a believer in Halloween 365 days of the year, I was intrigued and when the pictures of the palette were shared on their Instagram I was already sold.

The packaging is quite plain and simple. A nice dark blue and rose-gold box with the eyeshadow names and ingredients listed on the back. The palette itself has the same packaging as her other products. It’s kind of unusual for items listed as a Holiday edition to not have some extra designs to them. This makes me think that either these will last longer than the holiday or they didn’t want to up the costs for the consumers for an extra snowflake pattern. Either way, my only complaint is that you can’t tell the difference between the two easily. The palette is sturdy, has a nice mirror and closes magnetically.


The Matte Master Palette features 8 matte colors. No sneaky subtle shimmer or sparkle whatsoever. This formula is heavy on the silicones for a super velvety texture that applies smoothly. The overall colors are not as warm as the pictures shown on the site, but they are very similar. Both palettes contain 12 grams of product or 1.5 grams for each color. The colors and descriptions from Pony Effect are:

#Blindfolded – Cream beige

#Spellbound – Warm Marsala

#Whisper – Peach coral

#Hypnotized – Deep purple
#Uninvited – Choco brown

#Pleased – Yellow beige

#Undisclosed – Deep green

#Mysterious – Natural brown


Matte master swatches are 2 swipes applied on Too Faced shadow insurance. Left to right: Blindfolded, Uninvited, Spellbound, Pleased, Whisper, Undisclosed, Hypnotized, Mysterious

#Blindfolded – This shade is my exact skin color. It’s hard to tell but it seems to apply nicely.

#Uninvited – A soft muted warm brown. First swipe seemed a little light but the second swipe helped. Blends easily.

#Spellbound – A very soft marsala color. Applied smoothly and evenly. The color is very pretty along the lashline.

#Pleased – Yellow beige is a weird description, more of a peachy beige. Love the pigmentation for such a light color.

#Whisper – Pale peachy ‘coral’. This one blends well but the pigmentation is a bit weaker than the other colors.

#Undisclosed – LOVE. One swipe was enough for full pigmentation. The color is a unique deep emerald. can’t wait to use this in a look.

#Hypnotized – Was a bit disappointed in this color. Applies a bit patchy. The color is supposed to be a deep purple but is actually a purple-brown

#Mysterious – I thought this would be a ‘meh’ color but it’s actually a lovely neutral creamy brown. Smooooth.


The Shimmer Master Palette features 8 shimmering colors, no glitter. The color choices are a nice little rainbow and a good change if you have nothing but neutral eyeshadows. Shimmer eyeshadows are easier formulas to make so I expected nothing but easy application. The colors and descriptions from Pony Effect are:

#Yaaas – Beige gold

#Odd – Green Marsala duochrome

#Mirror Mirror – Toned down pink gold

#Stoked – Gold Khaki
#Sparkling – Gold purple red plum

#Bombshell – Copper gold

#Eccentric – Blue purple duochrome

#Stunning – Silver gray brown


Shimmer master swatches are 2 swipes applied on Too Faced shadow insurance. Left to right: Yaaas, Sparkling, Odd, Bombshell, Mirror Mirror, Eccentric, Stoked, Stunning

#Yaaas – Off to a good start. A peachy beige gold, easy application. The color is prettier in real life.

#Sparkling – Gold purple red plum is a bit off, more of a pink plum. Smooth and pigmented.

#Odd – I love a good duochrome. This is a true red shimmer with a green shift. A stickier base helps the duo chrome (shown below).

#Bombshell – A generic bright gold color, similar to Urban Decay’s half-baked. Very pigmented.

#Mirror Mirror – A pretty soft neutral pink with a light golden shimmer. Smooth & blends well.

#Eccentric – Another duochrome. A bright purple with a light blue shift. This one isn’t as pigmented as Odd.

#Stoked – Gorgeous golden green. Nice pigmentation and blends well. A good one-color eye look.

#Stunning – Weakest in the palette. An average medium brown with silver shimmer. Applies unevenly.

See this palette in action here:

Overall, I’m very happy with my impulse purchases! The eyeshadows are a unique mix, nicely pigmented and apply evenly with the exception of two (still significantly better than the worst in other palettes). It is clear that even for a holiday collection Pony Effect’s focus was to put out a high-quality product.

The full retail price for these palettes are ₩38,000($ 32.76). If you are in Korea you can get them on promo at Memebox.com. The palettes are available internationally on GMarket.

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