Review: Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadow

Velvety texture and warm colors, let’s see how well these cream shadows work!

Cream shadows are quite common in Korean makeup companies, however, they are usually designated to ‘pearl’ sparkles for aegyo sal or as an all-over light lid wash. Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Shadows have turned out to be quite a surprise! Straying from the pack, Pony has incorporated eyeshadow bases and bright colors into her cream shadow range. Do they measure up?

Outfit | April 14th Boxy

Weather: 11°C/52°F Light rain all day

Playing with shapes. An oversized top with fitted pants has always reminded my of my past art teachers. Add some paint marks and oversized jewelry and I think I could blend right in.

Outfit | April 9th Birthday

Weather: 12°C/54°F Rainbow weather

The weather is very unpredictable here. That main pattern is still light to medium rain and then bright sunny skies and back to rain, etc etc. Annoying to plan your wardrobe for, but great weather for rainbows every 2 hours.

Outfit | April 5th Old Goodies

Weather: 15°C/59°F Sunny Cloudy Sunny Cloudy

Hello hello! Moving break is over. Style hasn’t necessary returned to normal, partially due to constant Seattle rain (seriously it rains so much more than I remember) and partially due to utter laziness. The latter is easy to solve; the former, well, we are almost out of the weather funk. I’ve also cut my bangs and gained weight to show that time has changed 🙂

Review: Clio Kill Cover cushion – 2 BP Lingerie


Hello cushions, it’s nice to have finally met you!

Despite living in the land of cushions everywhere this is actually my first purchase. Most colors where a little too dark, too orange, and not a good match. While Clio Kill Cover liquid founwear ampoule cushion compact in shade 2-BP lingerie (for fair rosy complexions) isn’t a 100% match to my face and neck, it matches my hands and outer arms a.k.a. good enough for me.

Outfit | February 3rd So Casual

Weather: 3°C/37°F Clear cold winter

Moving really takes a lot out of me. I think that I can just power through organizing all day and get exhausted only a few hours in. Luckily I’m not alone and shit is getting done but I still wish I could hire Korean movers to take everything back home to America.