Outfit | November 29th Pop Pop

Weather: 8°C/47°F Gray all day

I love to check out bookstores when traveling. If you ever go to Osaka there is a great bookstore called Standard Bookstore (maybe there is a Tokyo branch too). Over two floors there are so many beautiful books, crafts, knick knacks and handmade goods. My Japanese is rubbish, but it doesn’t matter as the store has an emphasis on photography based books (art, design, crafts, travel, cookbooks, and magazines). Every time I visit I try to find something small like these ‘funfetti’ birthday candle earrings. Just a simple reminder of a happy visit.

What I’m wearing

Earrings : Coona

Lips : 3CE Gimme More

Sweater : Loytaa

Pants : Uniqlo

Shoes : GU


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