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Hello hello! Moving break is over. Style hasn’t necessary returned to normal, partially due to constant Seattle rain (seriously it rains so much more than I remember) and partially due to utter laziness. The latter is easy to solve; the former, well, we are almost out of the weather funk. I’ve also cut my bangs and gained weight to show that time has changed 🙂

I’ve spent a good amount of time digging through boxes and found a treasure trove of old clothing from my rad years (you’ll see what I mean soon). This sweater is a bonus that I didn’t even remember owning. While it’s not as exciting as some other pieces, the TV static pattern sweater has been my go-to for casual wear.

What I’m wearing

Top : Urban Outfitters

Pants : ALand

Socks : Tutuanna

Shoes : Stilmoda

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