The Lazy Guide to Soft Skin

keep your body soft the easy way

If you want to maintain soft skin with minimal effort and cost you found the right post.

Now that it’s getting hotter I’m seeing constant advertisements for the latest ‘it’ product to give you super-soft-deluxe-ultra skin. After testing expensive products and multi-part routines for years, I believe the secret is finding a simple routine and being consistent.  Here are the 3 products and steps to keep your skin hydrated year-round.


Coconut Oil

After a Shower – Notice how dry your skin is after a hot shower? It’s because hot water sucks the moisture out of our skin. Moisturizing right after a shower is crucial and using this lightweight quick absorbing oil gives you the love it needs. I’m sure you’ve already read obsessive praising about coconut oil so I won’t bore you too much about it’s benefits, but if you haven’t, the gist is the oil is high in saturated fats and penetrates your skin better due to its low molecular weight.


Dry Brushing

At Night – After a long day it’s time for some exfoliation tough love. I love dry brushing because I saw a big change in my skin when I started doing it a feel years ago (my ‘chicken skin’, ingrown hairs, and rough textures disappeared). Most people make the claim that its helps with cellulite due to increased circulation and ‘massaging connective tissues’ but take that with a grain of salt. All it takes is a couple minutes, here’s how:

  1. Using long strokes start with your legs brushing upward toward your torso. You can brush all the way up to your hip or break it up foot to knee, then knee to hip.
  2. Next use circular motions around your tummy. The skin is a bit more delicate here so don’t press too hard.
  3. In an upward movement again, brush your side and back (this is where a long handled brush helps).
  4. Last is your arms, brush from fingertips the shoulders, concentrate on elbows and the back of your arms.

That’s it, you are done! Avoid your chest and neck as that skin is too delicate for such a rough brush. If you need a visual guide Ruth Crilly shows her routine here.


Cocoa butter

After you body brush – It’s time to reapply a moisturizer that won’t oil up your bed sheets.  Why not smell like chocolate too? Cocoa butter has been popular for years for good reason: it’s great for sensitive skin, high in fatty acids, and antioxidants. Get some cocoa butter cream or a stick, slather it on and massage it in. It’s quick to absorb and you’ll feel soft for days (at least until your next shower).

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